SEO Trends for 2020

Today more than ever, google is doing all it can to be the end goal of the users journey. This will play a major role in all Search Marketing strategies for 2020, it simply can’t be ignored.

1. Optimise for Rich and Featured Snippits

In a world where Google are looking to be the end goal of the user journey, it is important to make sure you are part of that end process. Two great ways of doing this is to get Rich and Featured Snippets.

Featured Snippets – When I typed Cinema Listings Blanchardstown into Google (a very popular keyphrase), an entire block of information is shown on Serp. This is Google analysing the results and displaying them in a user friendly manner, before we even reach the Odean’s website, that’s if we even reach it.

Rich Snippets – Slightly different to the above, these tend to show images, stars for reviews, prices for products. They can be easier to get, will not affect your Serp result but will make it more noticeable.

If you aren’t ranking with Featured and Rich Snippets, we can help you out. It’s important to also research what snippets your competitors have in place, because they are the quick wins for you in this area.

2. Zero Click Searches are here to stay

Serp results and featured snippets above are taking over. These along with Google’s Local Packs and Knowledge Packs graphs, mean that more than half of all searches are now ‘zero click’. The user is essentially getting their answer on the SERP itself, without having to progress further.

The main thing is not to panic. The reality is that these searches are mainly people looking for a quick answer or even just people looking for your phone number, which they can find on your Google My Business Listing.

3. Local SEO is changing

You have probably noticed that large ‘Local Packs’ show up when searching for businesses on Google. These are companies located in the vicinity of your search result, pulled directly from your Google My Business page.

To show up on local searches, you will want to make sure that you have a solid back-link strategy. Not any back-links, it will need to be ones that Google deem local authoritative. 

The above search result was made just off Merrion Square. A full page of Local SEO results, appear even before I was taken to Google Ads, not to mention organic rankings. Local SEO is here to stay and it’s essential that you optimise your business to capatalise.

Note that the smallest change of search location can change the actual search result.


Every time marketers think we got this SEO thing down, the rules start to shift and change. Take Local SEO and Google My Business for example. For many companies, they may even be more important than having an actual website.

Rooftop Twenty Two are a results driven agency. Everything we do is aimed at driving more sales your way, and if it doesn’t lead to more sales, we simply don’t do it. If you would like to learn more about how you can show up on Google, please reach out to us today.

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