Track Conversions on Google Ads

Whenever we start to work with a new client we tend to ask for the logins to their social media and Google Ads platforms. We are consistently amazed by how many organisations haven’t got conversions set up for Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Simply put, what’s the point spending all of this money if you aren’t in a position to tell if it even works or not.

Conversion Tracking is a extremely powerful tool that lets you identify if your ads is leading to sales, downloads, email sign-ups or any other KPI you have in place. The data then lets you optimise your campaigns over time with the ultimate goal of improving the conversion rate.

The most common types of conversions are

1. Webpage Conversions

These are people who land on a specific page on your website. Normally completing a transaction or landing on a ‘thank you for your enquiry’ page. You can then see exactly what Ad that conversion came from, finding yourself at the end of the month in a ‘Spent x but Received Y’ scenario when it comes to your advertising campaigns.

2. Call On-Site Conversions

If your website allows customers to call your business phone directly from their phones, you can use this type of tracking to calculate the number of times a call was made.

3. App Conversions

Although Google Ads are better at tracking App Downloads from the Play Store, they can also do it for IOS apps through the Apple App Store.

Remember that the average conversion rate on the AdWords search network is just below 4%. That means that 96% of people who visit your websie aren’t goig to convert first time. These visitors that don’t convert can be retargeted through timely and compelling ads that will follow them around the Internet.

If you aren’t investing in PPC, you are missing out on sales and giving market share away to your competitors.

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